Honoring Rich Wines, Educator, Fisherman, Friend

Honoring Rich Wines, Educator, Fisherman, Friend
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I started donating platelets a few years ago. I posted in Facebook about my experience and Rich responded by saying “Thank you, you are helping me stay alive.” After a response like that, how could I not continue?
Rich was an amazing colleague. We were both elected delegates to the Michigan Education Association and National Education Association. A quiet, gentle, and caring gentleman, Rich made friends wherever he went. He was a great listener, sharing thoughtful ideas and solutions and was recognized as the Michigan Support Professional of the Year in 2014.
In his personal life, Rich was an avid fisherman. Discussion with family and friends were always about when, where, and how to fish. A member of the Anglers for the Au Sable River, he was also recognized by Trout’s Unlimited 2016 Legendary Fly Fisherman.
He had the biggest heart in the world and his goal in life was to make the world a better place for his family, his friends, and the students in his district.
Rich passed away in July after suffering 22 years of illness. We want to continue helping others, as he did, especially children and young adults with Myasthenia Gravis.

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Honoring Rich Wines, Educator, Fisherman, Friend

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