How it Works

Join with the American Red Cross to begin a SleevesUp campaign. No blood mobile or space is needed. Simply create your campaign online, and send an invitation to your friends and family members from around the country to join you in donating blood and saving lives.

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Start a SleevesUp Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

1Create an account or sign in

We just need a few pieces of contact information for you to get started. Or, if you prefer, you can just log-in through social media.

2Create a new campaign

What kind of campaign are you starting? Is it a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or are you celebrating the life of a loved one? Here is your chance to pick a name for your campaign.

3Promote your campaign

Once you have your SleevesUp campaign page created, you can share it with everyone. Send an email to your contacts that includes your dedicated campaign URL, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

You’ll be notified as people pledge to give on your behalf, so you can also come back and update your page at any time to say thanks.