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Dear BVB Army,

In the face of a severe blood shortage confronting the American Red Cross, we, Black Veil Brides, are calling upon you – our extended family. United by our passion for music and a shared spirit of altruism, we’re initiating a virtual blood drive during our U.S. Bleeders Tour, inspired by our latest single, “Bleeders.” This isn’t just a song; it’s a call to arms!

As we journey through each city, we invite you, our dedicated legion of fans, to join us in this noble cause by pledging to donate blood. Your commitment is more than a mere contribution; it’s a vital lifeline. To honor your participation, we’re crafting exclusive incentives, amplifying the significance of your life-saving gesture.  Those who attend any show on this tour and provide proof of blood donation or an upcoming appointment will receive a signed band poster, and other memorabilia.

Consider the profound impact of our collective effort. Every pint of blood has the potential to save as many as three lives. Your pledge offers more than blood – it offers hope and resilience in times of need.

This is an appeal not only to listen our music but to embody the ethos of real-life heroes in our communities. Showcase the formidable strength of the BVB Army. Visit to pledge your support and make a blood donation appointment. Those who come to a BVB show and show the folks at the merch stand your proof of blood donation with the American Red Cross (email, app confirmation, donation photo, sticker, etc) will receive an exclusive merch package (signed poster, pin and patch).

As Bleeders, it’s in our essence to effect positive change. Together, let’s embrace this opportunity to save lives.


Black Veil Brides