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8 /20

Welcome CHI Xellians!! Our colleagues in CLE have an in-person blood drive with the American Red Cross and this is our way of supporting them – having our own virtual CHI Blood Drive. You can find the nearest donation site to your home and donate. As of now, there is no deferral time if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine from J&J, Moderna or Pfizer. Please just make sure you know which vaccine you received and they will ask for your that information at the location you donate. The American Red Cross will test every donation for COVID-19 antibodies. The test can now tell if the antibodies in your blood were produced from the vaccine or from an actual COVID-19 infection which we think is pretty cool.

The American Red Cross is currently facing their lowest donor turnout since the pandemic began. If you are eligible to donate blood, please consider doing so as the need for donors is greater than ever.

CAMPAIGN DURATION: May 17 through May 28, 2021 Thank You for YOUR Support!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use ##antiinfection #pharmaceuticals Xgenericinjectables #globalsupplier #innovation #science #supply #pharma

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