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Did you know that one blood donation can help save up to three lives? That means a lot to patients in need of blood. We know it firsthand.
Our daughter was able to enter this world and live because of blood donors. By the time she was 3-months-old, her life had been saved 8 times by blood donors just like you. She received blood transfusions both in utero (amazing, right?!) and postnatally, and we are incredibly grateful to those donors whom we will never meet.
We recently celebrated our daughter’s 1st Birthday, and while we are so lucky that her condition has resolved, we will forever remain advocates for blood donation. For Halloween this year, our family is dressing as vampires to raise awareness for the critical need of our nation’s blood banks. Please consider donating blood ASAP, whether you’ve been a long-time donor or have never given before. Pledge on this page to donate at an upcoming American Red Cross blood drive in your community.
We realize that not everyone is a candidate for blood donation, and that’s okay. Whether you can give blood or not, we encourage you to share the call to donate with your friends and family, within your workplaces, and across your social media networks. You will be helping to ensure that babies like ours and other patients receive the life saving blood they need.
Happy Halloween! 🧛‍♀️

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