Wash Your Hands AND Give Blood

10 /25

While COVID-19 sweeps the world, the U.S. blood supply is threatened as blood drives are rapidly being canceled. The initiatives being implemented to address COVID-19 are truly amazing, but we must not forget about the rest of our community whose lives quite literally depend on our blood. While donating blood will not treat COVID-19, it will assist with a transfusion for the young adult who was in a car accident, the mother who endured unexpected childbirth complications, or the relative who has been waiting years for an organ transplant. We do not need another healthcare crisis on top of the one we are already experiencing, if you are able, please stand with me and go give blood! I am donating on April 4th, when will you donate?

Do not try to do walk-ins, make an appointment at your local donor site, they are following social distancing practices between donors and are taking extra precautions to protect our health during this time. Please visit American Red Cross website for all the information you’ll need to stay safe and donate during COVID-19.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #washyourhandsANDgiveblood

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