VMI Blood Drive Campaign 2020

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The COVID 19 pandemic has created a unique environment for us all and looking for positives in a not-so-positive situation can be difficult. Red Cross has found a way to allow us to donate even when our drive was cancelled to go home early for semester. Keydet’s have been donating blood at the rate of over 1300 pints a year. We do this as our civic duty with little rewards. The Red Cross can now check for COVID antibodies with each donation. It can be detected and are screened for when we donate. In about two days you will know if your positive or negative for COVID antibodies! The cadets who have given this past fall and are positive, can help even more! We found out that we can now help others who are positive and may be struggling or need a blood transfusion every seven days. The antibodies could make them heal faster and we are all in to help make that possible!!! We will be sending cadets to an off post site as soon as the travel ban has been lifted. This is a separate donation process and we can’t wait to begin!

For now, Please load the blood app on your phone and make an appointment between November 12th and December 7th 2020. This can be in your hometown or where ever you go for winter break. You will only need the zip code to locate a drive near you. We can join together to do our part to destroy this virus!!! Roll up your sleeves and let’s do this!!!

CSM Suzanne D Rubenstein

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