Virtual blood drive in honor of Tracey

Give a Gift, Save a Life!!
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After being diagnosed with endometrial cancer and what was supposed to be a routine hysterectomy procedure on June 1, 2021, I never imagined I would be fighting for my life 6 days later on June 7th!! Complete blood loss at home and a doctor that saved my life, what a GIFT!! From ambulance to ER and remembering them call a code crimson with so many people over me and just seconds they allowed my husband to see me as I was sent to the OR. Scariest moment of my life and I remember nothing else other than waking up vented and tied to the bed. Thankful to the donors that allowed me to receive 9 pints of red, 8 pints of plasma and one pint of white. What should have been a 3 week recovery turned into 3 months and I am forever thankful.