Virtual Blood Drive for Charlie

Julia and Charlie making music together
30 /20

Join the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in support of Charlie, Principal Flutist Julia Bogorad-Kogan’s beloved two-year-old grandson, who is currently being treated for abdominal cancer.

Julia’s daughter, Brooke, writes about her son Charlie:

“When Charlie was 22 months old, his dad found a small lump on his back. A few weeks later, imaging revealed a large tumor in his abdomen, wrapped around his aorta and infiltrating his spine; doctors said it was amazing he could still walk. He was immediately admitted to the oncology floor and given a diagnosis of high-risk neuroblastoma. Charlie is now four months into his 12 to 18 months of treatment, which consists of five rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, a stem cell transplant, 12 rounds of radiation, and five rounds of immunotherapy. So far, he’s had six blood transfusions and four platelet transfusions, and he will likely need many more through the rest of his treatment. When he’s not in the hospital, Charlie is a happy two-year-old and enjoys listening to music (especially the Nutcracker), dancing, and doing anything artistic. He likes to play his (plastic) flute and do ballet along with his Grandma Julie. He has shown remarkable patience and good humor in facing his many hours of treatments.”

Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Flutist Alicia McQuerry on why she will donate:

“When Julia, my sectionmate, “My Julie”, told me that Charlie was sick, how serious, scary and what the steps in his treatment were I wondered what I could do to be helpful. Charlie lives in Atlanta so that’d be pretty far to drop off dinner! After one of Charlie’s transfusions I remembered the blood drive for my uncle many years ago. People from all over the country donated in his honor. I thought, there’s a blood shortage and I can absolutely donate. This is something easy for me to do that will help. There is a nationwide blood shortage and one donation can help up to 3 people in need. It’s super easy, you get to eat cookies afterward and most importantly we’ll let Charlie and his family know that we’re rooting for him up here in Minnesota!”