Two Men and a Liver Donor

21 /40

Felix, Katie, and Mike became forever bonded when we all had life saving transplants (liver recipient, liver donor, stem cell recipient) on February 16, 2022. To celebrate the anniversary of our landmark day, we are asking you to take action to help others stay alive. People require blood transfusions due to many reasons and there is a severe shortage in blood banks in the US, Canada and around the world. Please consider setting up a donation with the American Red Cross, Canadian Blood Services, or your local organization. You have the ability to save someone’s life with a blood donation that takes less than half an hour.

For a little perspective, Mike received 42 blood and platelet transfusions during treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. This is more than a normal person would need in a lifetime, but he’s very special. Felix received transfusions during his two large operations and they were vital to his recovery.

More incredible ways to save someone’s life are to sign up to be a stem cell donor or to donate your umbilical cord for stem cell transplants if you are pregnant. In the US you can register for the stem cell registry if you are ages 18-40 and in Canada if you are ages 17-35. Mike received an umbilical cord transplant and was very happy with it.

Since we’re at it…are you registered to be an organ donor? You can be a living donor like Katie or you can register to be a donor once you pass. Please inquire with your local health authorities about organ donations or in the US you can sign up at

This virtual drive is run through the American Red Cross, but if you’re interested in donating in Canada or signing up for the stem cell registry in the US or Canada please use these links:

Canadian Blood Services Blood Donation (ages 17+):
Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry (ages 17-35):
Canadian Blood Services Umbilical Cord Donation (for pregnant people):
Be The Match US Stem Cell Registry (ages 18-40):