Together We Rise

22 /50

To commemorate Women’s History Month, Women@amazon in the NE Region is getting together to raise awareness for the need of sharing life through blood donation. WHY? Because we have many reasons like yours:

“My sister and I are alive thanks to a blood transfusion when we were born”
“Someone anonymously donated his/her blood during a complicated medical procedure to save my life”
“I have family members who serve in the military, and I feel by donating blood I am doing my part as well”
“I am a veteran”
“I want to be a hero and by donating blood I can save 3 lives with one donation”
“Because blood is essential to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries”
“Because we want to be closer to you”
“And because we just found another way to make you smile again”