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RT @violadavis: THE HEALING WE ALL NEED!!!!! 🙏🏾#ThisIsHope 🔁@tarajiphenson 🎥@ChrisGQPerry1 at 30.6.2020 19:53
Congrats 🎉 to Darius Sanchez on his new job as a lab tech with Grifols Plasma! #thisishope #onemoreworking at 27.6.2020 18:21
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Are you ready for Part Three of “The Heart of the Matter” series? Tune in at 1:30PM tomorrow via Facebook Live and…… at 27.6.2020 16:29
Hope Center
We’re only 3 days away from Church at Home! Can Sunday come any sooner? Invite some friends to watch with you. We c…… at 25.6.2020 19:57
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Transformation begins in the church. As believers, as a church, we need to rise up and be the true disciples Jesus…… at 24.6.2020 22:17