The Tripp Weed Now I Can Be a Jerk Week Blood Drive

The big guy getting ready to give the gift of life.
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Tripp was always more than glad to donate blood when I (his little sister) asked him to.

Fast forward four years later to the accident – we lost Tripp, and Drew was badly injured. He used blood to aid in his recovery.

I feel the blood Tripp gave so willingly somehow came back around to save Drew.

Our family is sponsoring the second-annual “Tripp Weed Now I Can Be a Jerk Week”  Jan. 24-31 to encourage folks to perform random acts of kindness to commemorate Tripp’s birthday on Jan. 31.

Please consider giving blood to honor my big brother and my nephew – one pint of blood can help save up to three lives, and you never know who might need it!

This virtual blood drive will run for a whole month to allow plenty of time for folks to give.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #nowicanbeajerk

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