The Lemonade Circle SleevesUp Campaign

The Lemonade Circle proudly celebrates our beautiful members, Kamarie and Kyra Crawford. We support and stand with the both of you in your fight against Sickle Cell. You are not only queens, but you are warriors!
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The Lemonade Circle is conducting this blood drive in celebration of two of our beautiful members, Kami and Kyra Crawford. The Lemonade Circle is dedicated to EMPOWERING young women of color to use their voices to advocate for real, visible change in their communities. Kami and Kyra are leaders in our Circle, and they EMPOWER and INSPIRE us to fight for change everyday. The Lemonade Circle stands with those who are battling Sickle Cell. We PRAY for You! We STAND with you! We LOVE you!

Please help us meet our goal as we support Kami, Kyra, and others in their fight against Sickle Cell!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #lemonadecirclesleevesup

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