The Janet Marino Memorial Blood Drive

19 /25

During the summer of 2019, my dear friend Janet Marino battled Non-Hodgkins Lymphona. She was an incredible wife, mother, and friend. We miss her every day. The medicine she was treated with was hard on her body and her blood counts were frequently low. She had to receive a few blood transfusions in the short time she was fought this disease. I never realized how important blood donations can be for cancer patients.

Did you know, one blood donation can help save up to three lives? Generous blood donors are saving lives and giving patients the energy to get through daily life. Let’s ensure that all patients receive the life-saving blood they need. Make and keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross. Please do this to honor Janet Marino.

After you have donated, please let us know! We want to see your photos, sentiments, and spread the word as far as you can. This is an important mission, and if you feel helpless, here is your chance to make life-altering differences in people’s lives.

I’ve learned that the pandemic is taking a toll on the number of blood donations received. In August, they are expecting the incoming donations to be critically low. If you are hesitant for any reason and have questions, please call the American Red Cross at
1-800-RED-CROSS for answers to your questions and concerns.

Thank you tremendously for all of your support and interest in becoming a hero!

Friends and Family of Janet Marino

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