The Hoffman’s September Birthday SleevesUp!

Three of the Four of Us Are September Birthdays #SleevesUp!
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Both sides of our family have received blood in emergency situations in the past. Since we have many September birthdays in our family, we thought this would be a great way to make a big impact this month. I am type O negative and donate as often as I can as this is the universal blood type and is often used in emergency situations or in infants who need blood. One hour of my time, every couple of months, is just a blink in time compared to the life saving moment it could mean to someone else and their loved ones.
When I go to donate, everyone is so kind and appreciative. With the Blood Donor app I can track my blood journey and it notifies me when I have helped someone and where. There is no gift greater than to help to save a life. Please consider donating in the next 30 days, there is such a need. #SleevesUp

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