The gift of life

2 /25

For my birthday I want you to consider giving the gift of life! I’ve always been an organ donor on my license and started giving blood but it never really seemed like it was that big of a deal until I saw my grandmother facing heart failure after beating cancer twice. It has become a huge eye opener for me after seeing her go through months in the hospital after she received a heart transplant and numerous life saving blood donation so she could have a second chance at life. Giving blood is truly saving lives and giving many people another chance. It’s such a small notion but gives hope to others just like her. As we go through this pandemic its even more important that we give as people are fighting for their lives and giving blood is now more than ever so needed as there’s a shortage. I want you to consider giving blood (in the next two months) for this campaign in her honor. I love you so much grandma and am so glad you are still with us today because of others giving! (If you choose to donate use the hashtag forthelifeofGG to share why you give)

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