Thank God

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I am so thankful to God, Son, and Spirit. And not for the material things. I am thankful for God’s Grace. I am thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice, and I love the way that the Holy Spirit guides me. About 8 years ago, God delivered me from a bad case of depression (practically life-long) to the point where my chest is now bursting with joy (8 years later). I’ve seen God heal others as well. But it’s not just the healing, it’s the love and companionship that I’ve felt throughout my life.
Throughout much of my adult life, the Red Cross has pursued me (much like God) for donations. Several years ago, I was told why – I have the blood type that can donate plasma. I am rare, indeed! What a blessing! Every time that I donate plasma, I am so thankful. One time, I was rejected because my iron was too high – I was so disappointed. For years, I tried to donate platelets, but my white blood count was just below the threshold. What a joy when I found out that I could donate plasma.
I am so thankful, and I want to share the joy of donating with friends and family. And maybe someone else can donate plasma – how awesome would that be!