TeamOllie Blood and Platelet Drive

3 /100 platelet, plasma, or blood donations

From the original gofundme post:

• Oliver John Northup was born at home on March 25th at a healthy 6lbs 6oz and 20” long.

• As many of you know, Oliver’s mother Kathy has suffered from an immune disease (ITP) which attacks its own blood and consumes platelets. This leads to high risk of traumatic bleeding and without treatment, can lead to permanent deficits or even death. Kathy has been proactive in her treatment and care since being diagnosed in 2019.

Current issue
• Shortly after Oliver was delivered, Kathy recognized symptoms she is all too familiar with as being signs of low platelets. Oliver was taken to his pediatrician where they were urged to go to Olympic Medical Center ER in Port Angeles, WA. After lab work, their worst fear was confirmed. Oliver had critically low platelets and needed action, fast. Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital NICU dispatched their NICU ambulance with a team to bring Oliver to their hospital in Tacoma, WA. He was quickly given a transfusion and a round of treatment. At first there was no improvement. As of 3/28/24 he started having improvement in his lab results.
The specialists at Mary Bridge are hopeful that after a second round of treatment, Oliver will continue to improve. However the treatment is temporary and he will need continuous maintenance in Tacoma for an unknown amount of time. It is presumed that Oliver will not have ITP as it is not hereditary nor “passed down” or spreadable. Oliver has antibodies from Kathy’s blood that just still need time to dissipate.

Moving forward
• As treatment is working for Oliver, it will take several rounds at Mary Bridge NICU over the course of possible months. Now that Ollie is stable, they are able to be home to monitor weekly and go back to Mary Bridge for treatment as needed (weekly or biweekly).

Auntie Ash and Auntie Amy, Activate!
Shape of – mama bears! Form of – healing energy! We’re no Wonder Twins, but we can do a lot together. Ashley is Justin’s devoted sister and Ollie’s proud Auntie. Amy is Kathy’s Auntie and fierce supporter all her life. We are united in our love for Kathy, Justin, baby Oliver, and his sweet brothers Zeke and Greyson. There is nothing we won’t do if it helps these pieces of our hearts navigate the road ahead.

If you are feeling like you’d like to do something more, consider donating platelets, plasma, or blood to help restore the supply for Ollie and others who may also desperately need treatment. Please see information about platelet donations at Platelet Donation and consider this if at all possible. Your donation could make the difference for Ollie and so many others in your immediate community.

Our goal is to have 100 donations to the Red Cross in Ollie’s first 100 days. Thank you for sharing this campaign and making your own donation through the Red Cross, your local blood bank, or of course on the gofundme campaign at TeamOllie GoFundMe.

Find the nearest blood bank or donation site
You can search the Red Cross site for blood drives near you, or go to Give Blood for blood banks and other donation sites near you.