Susan’s Philly Squad

Susan's Philly Squad
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My cousin, Susan, is battling Breast Cancer. After 5 years with no signs of metastasis, the cancer has returned and invaded her bones. She requires periodic blood transfusions which take longer to cross-match due to antibody formation. This disease has taken its toll on Sue, in addition to her family, friends and colleagues.

Sue is a retired registered nurse who delivered exceptional care to her patients and their family for 35 years. An avid gardener, she can no longer care for her beautiful flowers and trees. Walking her dog is a challenge. Sue has been the first one to provide anything she could to her family and friends, now it is our turn to help her.

Won’t you take just one (1) hour of your day to donate blood in her name?? While you may not be her blood type (0 positive), you will be helping someone in urgent need of this life saving treatment.

Susan is a huge fan of Katy Perry. Katy’s song the Eye of the Tiger expresses how Sue handles ever day life… (even if I altered the words just a bit)

“Let’s help Susan ROAR!
Cancer is trying to hold her down
But Sue is a fighter and keeps getting up
It’s time for us to help!!”

Our Heartfelt Thanks to All who Donate!

Susan’s Philly Squad

Posted on: July 28, 2021

To date, 205 people have viewed our campaign!! Wouldn’t it be awesome if all 205 donated!! It only take an hour (and probably less). I am donating on Saturday! Thank you for caring. Please forward our campaign to friends and colleagues! Thanks a million!

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