Survivor Corps Giving Tuesday – Speed Recovery, Save a Life

Survivor Corps "Act of Kindness" Blood Drive
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Survivor Corps is the largest and fastest growing grassroots movement committed to connecting, supporting, educating, motivating and mobilizing COVID-19 Survivors to play an important role in stemming the tide of the COVID pandemic and assisting in the national recovery. In line with this mission, Survivor Corps is working with the American Red Cross SleevesUp campaign to encourage blood and plasma donations. Blood donations are more crucial than ever at a time when nationwide blood shortages are putting thousands of lives at risk. What’s more, all donated blood is now being tested for COVID-19 antibodies – if antibodies are detected, a unit of convalescent plasma may be extracted from your donation and given to a COVID-19 patient as a life-saving treatment option. Your red blood cells will be retained to benefit someone else in need of transfusion. Your blood has never been more valuable to others! Please give today and make a difference during this pandemic by donating blood at a convenient Red Cross location near you. If there are no locations available, please visit our website for other location options at

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