Supporting “Myeloma Mama” Mindy Fast

25 /50

Hi all! Mindy “Myeloma Mama” Fast is headed into the hospital on Fri 6/2 for a couple weeks for treatment (CAR-T for those of you who are medically inclined)!

Since blood donations help her and other blood cancer patients SO MUCH, a drive is a great way to continue that support for other patients and show Mom we are with her 100% for her treatment and recovery!

Some of you donate regularly (lookin at you Dani & Dad!!!) so you might miss this window. And some aren’t fully comfy cozy with the donation process. If that’s you, please share this with a loved one or two who could donate. ❤️

Blood drives have unfairly excluded many from donating in the past because of sexual orientation. I’ve heard that’s changing, but I’m not sure how quickly. If you’re still not eligible, we feel your support and love either way.