9 /30

My dad passed away on November 14, 2021 from multifactorial post/op complications from routine small bowel surgery. He was the strongest and best man anyone ever could meet.

Dad was in the hospital for 29 days. 15 of those days were in the ICU with 10 visits to the OR. He was cared for by the best of the best. During his hospital course, we received 21 units of Packed Red Blood Cells and 9 units of Fresh Frozen Plasma. Because of that, we had more time to fight and my dad was someone who could build, create, or do anything. He is my hero.

Unfortunately, we had found his kryptonite. Dad’s body was too tired and we just couldn’t heal.

Dad’s committed his life to helping others. Please consider helping me donate the 21 units of blood and 9 units of plasma to honor our #SuperDadTippy for mine and dad’s birthdays (May 2 & 8).