Streaming Good HealthStream Blood Drive

Join me in donating 1 Pint, and saving up to 3 lives
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20 years ago on December 16th my father in law had a life saving transplant that resulted in this need for several blood transfusions. Since that day, I donate blood regularly to provide a life saving gifts to others with the need. Over that time I have hit my 5 gallon mark and strive to continue to give at least 2x per year, including the anniversary of his need.

This past week my father was admitted to the hospital resulting from his cancer treatment regiment. During this visit he was severely anemic and needed a transfusion. I am sure we all have stories of friends and loved ones who needed blood for one reason or another and thought “take my blood”. I give blood to give back to those who have donated for my loved ones, and to keep the supply there to support future needs.

Please pledge to join me in Streaming Good by donating this holiday season.