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Sterling Nova Lynn Raspe
2020-09-08 — 2021-05-11

Sterling Raspe was an incredible little girl who was the embodiment of strength, fight, love, hope, peace, and joy. Against all the odds, she taught us to smile through the hard times, laugh at the inappropriate times, love without limits, and see the beauty and worth in all things big and small.

Diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome (HLHS), and Kabuki syndrome, Sterling underwent 10 surgeries/procedures, including 4 major heart surgeries. She was a very special little girl, and depending on who you ask, anywhere between 700 million to two billion – or 1 of between 4-11 people in the world.

She helped raise awareness and shined a light on HLHS, CHD, Kabuki Syndrome, and other rare diseases. Sterling taught us all something

Sterling received many blood products over her 8 month life. She received 2.25x as much blood was in her body. The single most blood she received was after her 2nd major heart surgery. She had made it back from surgery, but unbeknownst to us, a blood vessel had detached from her lung, and she was bleeding internally. Doctors and nurses rushed to replace the lost blood. We witnessed the blood from many donations literally save our little daughter’s life in front of us. She ultimately needed an emergency bedside surgery and had to leave her room.

In the waiting room we both vowed to ourselves that we will always share her story to hopefully inspire others to donate, and that their donation is more than just blood for a lot of people.

We plan on hosting an annual blood drive in her honour, hopefully Sterling’s legacy can live on through the many lives she touched, and by keeping blood banks full.

The word Sterling comes from the word “steorra”, meaning star. The word “nova” means new. Sterling Nova, A little star made new and whole. A nova is when a star’s gas builds up and triggers an explosion making it shine up to a million times brighter than normal. May we all remember her life and be “Sterling Strong” because her life and impact on this earth and our hearts was a supernova. Created perfectly imperfect, may she forever Rest In Peace.

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