Staying Alive with a Blood Drive

Team 2 Wants Your Blood
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We started this blood drive as a class project. We were tasked with partnering with a charitable organization in order to better our world in some way. As Team 2 discussed our options, it became clear to us that only a couple of organizations really stuck out to us as causes we would like to contribute to. After some discussion, we decided that given current shortages and the essential and limited nature of blood as a resource, we wanted to to devote our project to organizing both a virtual and a physical blood drive in Madison, WI. A member of our team wanted to contribute even more and decided to organize a second physical blood drive in her home city of Houston, TX. Throughout the semester we will be using this opportunity to learn how to effectively conceptualize, plan, and execute a professional project while also contributing to a cause that saves lives. Every single donation has the potential to save three people. You have the opportunity to help someone else in the most important way. Please help us reach our goal and be a literal lifesaver!

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #BloodDonorsSaveLives

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