Staples Distribution Center Hagerstown Blood Drive

28 /40

Make a difference on Wednesday September 25th at 9-2pm to donate blood at Staples Distribution Center. All associates are eligible to pledge to donate blood.

Every 2 seconds in the U.S. someone needs a blood donation. In just one 15–30-minute blood donation, you can save about 3 lives. One blood donation yields about 1 pint/unit of blood. Lots of donors are needed every day to help patients. For example, a single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood. Also, the average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 units. Transfusions are predominantly needed by cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. About 25% of the blood supply is used by patients battling cancer.

The Red Cross provides about 40% of our nation’s blood and blood components. Your donation will be greatly valued to those in need!

Thank you in making this a great, successful event. Let’s make the goal of saving 100 lives with our total blood donation!