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In November 2018, our daughter’s life changed forever. Lyndzee began with a common cold, or so she thought, and before she knew it, her immune system was compromised, her red blood cells were depleting, her organs were failing and vitals were very low. Lyndzee needed a blood transplant. Test results revealed that Lyndzee was suffering from malnutrition with iron deficiency called Malabsorption after her Gastric Bypass surgery. Since then, Lyndzee has been a recipient of 6 units of whole blood over the last few years and the fight is still not over. Thank you to donors who continue to graciously give — it has saved my daughter’s life!


Ms. Wolk, I just finished donating blood … thank you for the opportunity to pledge/give on behalf of Spinnaker. Marion Rodgers

Posted on: July 22, 2021

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