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In honor of National Blood Donor Month, Cisco’s US Public Sector is kicking off January by hosting a blood drive through the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross has to collect 15,000 blood donations every day to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. That’s a lot of patients in need and all of us, coming together, can help ensure patients receive life saving blood.

Please join us in pledging to donate blood. Our goal is to donate 60 pints which can save up to 180 lives!  

So roll your SleevesUp and help us reach our goal (how-to participate):

1. Click on the Pledge Button on the right, enter your zip code to find blood donation opportunities near you (see donor eligibility and FAQ:
2. Make and keep your appointment (it’s okay if your appointment is scheduled after January 31st. We ask that you keep and attend your appointment and track your participation through Bright Funds.
3. **Track your participation in Bright Funds by selecting attend event:  
4. (Optional) Please share your story and/or photos on our Kudoboard. Your message/photo may appear in an upcoming All Hands:

**If you’re already an active donor for another organization other than American Red Cross, we ask that you track your time for that organization on their respective Bright Funds page. However, we encourage new donors/volunteers to track their activity through the American Red Cross so we may track our overall participation.

**If you are not eligible to donate blood but would like to get involved, please feel free to fundraise and/or donate monetarily here:

For any questions about our SleevesUp Blood Drive, please contact Susan Pak, [email protected] and Jonathan Roberson, [email protected]