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Let It Flow: Doing our part to make our community a great place to live and do business
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We have great facilities like Wellstar North Fulton, outpatient surgery centers, primary care physician and specialists, advanced practice practitioners and supporting staff to keep us healthy and productive. We need to do our part to support them, and that includes donating blood.

I was going to but was anxious about what would happen. Then I learned that more than 13,000,000 donations happen every year in the US – about 36,000 donations every day! You relax in a comfy recliner, and 15 minutes later, you’re done and getting cookies. I’ve now done this more than 100 times, literally, and am pledging to continue.

I believe that every religion teaches the Golden Rule and teaches us to help one another. So this is an easy way.

Since only 38% of the US is able to give, I ask that you either pledge now to donate blood, or delegate the donation to a friend — the end result is the same. Thank you for keeping our community strong.

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