SleevesUp for the New Year (You Don’t Need a Cape to Be a Hero)

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Dear Friends and Family –

Some of you know that my Mom was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer this past summer and subsequently endured a brutal regimen of chemotherapy. I’m so grateful to share that she is now doing well thanks to the great care she received. To recover from each round of chemo, my Mom needed numerous blood transfusions (especially platelets). While she was lucky to get the blood she did, it never felt guaranteed. On numerous occasions, she was told that supply was extremely low and that she might not get everything she needed.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on blood supply throughout the country, causing a state of emergency for blood banks and hospitals and the patients they aim to serve. In fact, the Red Cross reports that blood supply is the lowest it’s been in over a decade. This critically impacts the level of care that all of our loved ones can receive. While my mom was lucky to get what she needed, I understand that I can’t take this for granted. So today, I gave blood. It was easy and safe, and moving forward, I plan to give as regularly as I am permitted. WILL YOU JOIN ME IN MAKING A PLEDGE TO DONATE BLOOD IN THE NEW YEAR?

Thank you in advance for considering this request and what you can do to help save lives now and in the future. It would mean so much to me, my Mom and the many loved ones around the country who are counting on our contributions. You can be a hero by giving – not all heroes wear capes.

with gratitude,
Sara Batterton

P.S. – Here are a few things I have learned that might be helpful to you as you consider this ask:

(1) If you, or a friend or family member needs blood, there is no direct-to-patient donor option. The best thing you can do is donate regularly.
(2) The Red Cross offers a search engine on their website to find, identify and book appt times in your area. It’s quick and easy.
(3) Before your appt, complete the Red Cross Rapid Pass questionnaire. It will tell you if you are eligible to donate and save you the trip if you are not.

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