SleevesUp for Sassy

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Hi! My name is Shadow and I am a 25yr old, new grad RN! I am also a bleeding disorder and cancer patient.

I have had Von Willebrand’s Disease and a Platelet Storage Pool Defect my whole life, but on March 24, 2023 life threw another curveball my way with a cancer diagnosis. I have Papillary Carcinoma with positive BRAF mutation. I will need surgery to remove my thyroid and any other suspicious structures. I have received blood products before, and will also receive them during and after surgery again.

With my recent graduation and surgery coming up next week I wanted a way to celebrate with meaning. This campaign is my way to do that as the country is constantly short on blood and blood products like platelets and plasma. Although any donation through this campaign would not come to me directly, it would go to someone in desperate need of it. I am unable to donate blood or blood products, but I have many friends and family members who CAN and this is what I’m asking of all of you. If you are eligible please donate, and if you are not eligible please share this campaign!