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A life saved by blood donation
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We want to celebrate big for Ella’s first Birthday! We are so thankful for her and all the help so has had along the way. Due to COVID- 19 we won’t be able to have the large birthday bash we were planning this year,
So we thought we would celebrate big in a virtual way. We are holding a virtual blood drive for Ella, because blood donations helped save her life (and mine)! Please consider pledging to donate blood in honor of Ella for her first birthday.Our goal is the pledge of 23 donations (one for each week I was pregnant) But we would love MANY MORE!

Ella Ann’s had humble beginnings, my pregnancy was complicated by a Placental Abruption starting at 13 weeks. After many weeks of blood and iron transfusions to compensate for the blood loss I went into preterm labor. They could not stop the labor and Ella ended up going into fetal distress. I ended up needing an emergent C-section, Ella was born 17 weeks early. Her little body was not ready for the outside world. Ella received 9 blood transfusions during her 142 days in the NICU. We our so thankful to heroes like you that donated blood and saved a life!

Post a picture of your blood donation selfie and tag us on Facebook or Instagram and you will be automatically entered in our weekly drawing for a gift card!


Excited to start!

Posted on: May 23, 2020

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #EllaAnnhasablooddrive

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