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Join ASCM as we make an impact by donating blood during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood and right now we are facing an emergency blood shortage. ASCM is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross to help raise awareness about their mission especially during this unprecedented time. Please consider joining the ASCM Sleeves Up blood drive.

Blood is not like other therapeutic treatments, it cannot be manufactured, there is no substitution that can fully replace all its functions, and it cannot be stockpiled. Red blood cells must be transfused within 42 days of donation and platelets within just five days. This causes unique challenges in the collection, production, inventory and distribution of blood. There is no known end date in this fight against coronavirus and the Red Cross needs the help of blood and platelet donors to maintain a sufficient blood supply in the weeks and months ahead.

Even as we are practicing social distancing, the CDC is encouraging people who are well to continue to donate blood if they are able. Many ASCM members have been asking how they can do their part in contributing during the coronavirus pandemic – join ASCM in pledging to give blood in the weeks to come.

If you are unable to give blood, there are other ways to support the Red Cross. See all volunteer opportunities from blood courier to stocking supplies and checking inventory at shelters. Finally, you can always make a donation to support urgent humanitarian needs.

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