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According to the American Red Cross
This is the Worst Blood Shortage in Over a Decade.
We are facing national blood crisis, the worst blood shortage in over a decade,
Doctors have been forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood
transfusions and who will need to wait until more products become available.
Blood and platelet donations are critically needed to help prevent further delays
in vital medical treatments.

Cause of the shortage:
10% overall blood donation decline since March 2020.
62% drop in college and high school blood drives due to the pandemic.
Student donors accounted for ~25% of donors in 2019 accounted for just ~10% during the pandemic.
Ongoing blood drive cancellations due to illness, weather-related closures and staffing limitations.
Additional factors like a surge of COVID-19 cases and an active flu season may compound the already bad situation.

What your donors are up to...

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