Sleeves Up For the Holidays

5 /25

My blood pressure was too low. My heart was racing. The doctors couldn’t get either one under control. 

“We think you’re going to need a blood transfusion.” 

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. Four years ago today, it was me.

As the result of the sudden, undiagnosed onset of an autoimmune disease, I had been sick and bleeding internally for months. I had started to decompensate, and my mother rushed me to the ER in the middle of the night with a high fever – body trembling uncontrollably, barely able to speak, nearly delirious from pain.

When I was admitted, they gave me high-dose steroids, IV fluids, and several other medications. They helped, but not enough.

On my second day in the hospital, I was given blood.

The nation is currently in the midst of a severe blood shortage. Only 10% of Americans donate blood. It takes less than 15 minutes to donate, and 1 donation can save as many as 3 lives.

When a patient needs blood there is no synthetic alternative. The lives and treatment of cancer patients, sickle cell patients, accident victims, premature babies, new mothers, organ transplant patients, surgical patients, and many others rely on the availability of donated blood. 

Within 24 hours of receiving my blood transfusion I started improving, and 3 days before Christmas, I was released from the hospital. Today my disease is in remission; I’m healthy; and I get to live a normal life.

As we enjoy the holidays, please help me make sure patients like me get to spend the holiday healthy and home with their families by making a pledge here to become a blood donor.

You can also help me spread awareness of the URGENT need for blood donors by sharing this campaign with your friends and family and posting to social media.

From the bottom of my heart, on behalf of myself, my family, and all the people who will benefit from your generosity, thank you!

Be a Superhero. Donate Blood. Save Lives.