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5 things you need to know before donating during the COVID-19 outbreak
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I want to share with you why I feel it is really important to donate blood to the American Red Cross. I want you to ponder on this for a minute on what I am about to share with you. Just think you wake up in the morning and you think today is going to be a great day. The phone rings and you find out that one of your loved ones was just involved in a car crash. They need to have surgery to save their life. The surgery sounds simple without any complications. Then the unthinkable happens and they lost a lot of blood and need a blood transfusion to replenish their blood supply to keep living.

You have a loved one that developed health problems and need a transplant to stay alive. Then the unthinkable happens and they lose lots of blood during the surgery. Together we can make a difference by giving blood to replenish the blood supply at the American Red Cross Blood bank. And by helping me reach my goal in my For The Better Good Campaign. Please make a pledge to donate ASAP and thank you for helping

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SleevesUpForTheBetterGood, AllLivesMatter, #RedCrossUtah, Speakuppage, Tattooloverspage,

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