Sleeves Up for Mark

Mark and Tina
137 /150

Thank you to everyone who pledged and donated!

Friends and Family of Mark and Tina
Update 2/17: “Wow! To say that I underestimated this group would be an understatement! Mark and Tina are feelin the love! Let’s raise the bar and keep it going! New Goal is 150! “.

Mark has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). It is a cancer of early white blood cell development where the white blood cells never mature. He has begun a 7-day chemo regimen that will take his blood counts to zero. It will take several months for his bone marrow to rebuild all the blood cells. He will receive blood transfusions as needed. This plan will lead to more chemo and periodic transfusions.

This is where you come in! When you hear that friends and loved ones are going through medical issues and you are too far away to help, it is difficult to know what to do. Even if you live close by, you may still wonder what can I do? Well in this case, the gift of giving blood can be the ideal way to help! As you may know, there is currently an Emergency Shortage of Blood and you can make sure anyone who needs a transfusion can receive that timely gift, especially Mark. You may reach out to any Red Cross location in your geographic area and give that gift of life. We have a goal of 100 pledges over the next three months. Share this message with friends, family, colleagues and let’s get those SLEEVES UP FOR MARK!

Make a Pledge to Donate and the Red Cross will help you locate the closest facilities in your area. Mark and Tina thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Please remember to schedule your appointment through the RED PLEDGE BUTTOM


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Who is Eligible to Donate

Direct Donating

Posted on: February 20, 2024

Update: The Red Cross returned Tina’s call and unfortunately, they are not able to handle a large group of direct donations. At the most, they can handle 4 or 5 family members and then, it requires the physicians to complete paperwork. So it’s not as easy as it seemed when the local Red Cross person told their daughter that she could directly donate.
With that being said, everyone can still donate to replenish the supply. Mark has always been a routine donor, and he loves and is appreciative that because of him, others are donating especially since there is a shortage nationwide.

Direct Donation Information

Posted on: February 17, 2024

Mark and Tina’s daughter, Maddy, donated this morning through the Red Cross, and they told her she could donate directly to Mark by calling in her donation ID which is on the form they gave her when she donated. It may be something you want to check on when you donate.

Mark is listed in the Red Cross Donor system as Timothy Gauldin, Donor ID# 1AT5063.
His middle name is Mark.
Thanks again! ❤