Sleeves Up for Katie G. Cannon

Photo Credit: Duane Berger
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While Dr. Katie Cannon is receiving treatment, we who know and love her have an opportunity to add to the “avalanche of good will” she has received in phone calls, texts, notes, and cards. She feels the power of your prayers.  The knowledge of our communal concern contributes mightily to making her both emotionally and physically stronger.  God bless you for blessing her!

Her condition has caused her to be “transfusion dependent.”  She has already had 15 transfusions and more will be forthcoming.  The transfusions prevent cancerous white blood cells from multiplying.  Having learned this, we are having this blood drive in her honor – so we can express our care for Dr. Cannon – and for others across the country in need of blood.


Our blood drive will run through (at least) Epiphany, 2019!! So give early, and give often (if you give every 56 days, as is recommended, you could give whole blood FOUR times)!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #CareforCannon

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