Sleeves Up for IVIG

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IVIg is a life-saving treatment which has been in shortage in the US since Nov. 1997. IVIg is a plasma product used to treat certain immune disorders, and as a blood product, it cannot be manufactured. This means in order for there to be a supply, there need to be donations. The shortage has recently gotten significantly worse due to signs that IVIg can be used to help those with lupus, epilepsy, and other diseases.

To help, you can donate whole blood or, if you have type AB blood, only plasma. Both donation times are relatively quick, with the entire appointment taking approximately one hour. Instead of re-watching an episode of your favorite TV show, take the time to actively help save someone else and improve their quality of life. (You could even download the episode and watch it while you donate- yay for multitasking!)

IVIg is one of the reasons one of my closest long-time friends is able to stay out of hospitals and doing what she loves. I’ve never been great at knowing what to say when someone asks what I want for my birthday, but this year it’s easy: I want everyone who is medically able to take the time and help save up to 3 lives per donation.

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