Sleeves up for Gabriella

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Since Gabriella’s diagnosis and chemo treatment of B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Luekemia in January, she has been the recipient of over 25 red cell blood transfusions and 15 platelet transfusions.

These were needed due to the harsh effects of chemo treatment and recovery period after chemo.

Currently, there is a nationwide blood shortage. Yet, blood transfusions are a necessity and life saving for Gabriella and others with blood cancer, in addition to everyday hospital needs.

In Gabriella’s case she will continue to need transfusions in completion of her next 2 rounds and upcoming bone marrow stem cell transplant this summer.

In honor of Gabriella’s 25th Birthday on June 6th, please consider making an appointment for a blood donation or participating in a blood drive near you.

Before she was diagnosed, Gabriella had been an avid blood donor since she was of the age to donate. She understood the importance and the lives that could be saved, it has now come full circle, as she is the recipient in need.

Our family Thanks you for any donations to the American Red Cross national blood bank.