Sleeves Up for Antibody Testing

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We need your help!

As a public service, the Red Cross is excited to provide COVID-19 antibody testing of all blood, platelet and plasma donations made at blood drives and donation centers across the country.

However, providing COVID-19 antibody testing for donated blood, platelets and plasma requires a significant Red Cross investment of millions of dollars.

Every month around 400,000 people donate blood. Each of those donations will be tested for COVID19 antibodies, providing donors and public health organizations a better understanding of this virus. We know that individuals and public health organizations are eager to learn more about COVID-19, and the Red Cross is fortunate to be able to offer our blood donors insight.

With your support, we can provide this free antibody testing of donated blood, platelets and plasma for every person giving blood through the Red Cross, offering an added benefit that will inspire new and returning donors to give.

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