Sleeves Up!

Donate blood, get a cookie
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Volunteers and donation spaces are down due to covid-19 concerns. Giving blood is a great way to contribute to your community and save lives.

The Red Cross app makes donating even easier. Find a convenient donation location and time in the app and sign up in minutes. The last time I donated, it took less than an hour and that includes the 20 minute round-trip drive and 10 minutes to eat cookies and drink orange juice. Fill out the questionnaire in the app ahead of time and skip the line.

If for some reason you can not donate, please pass this on to a friend or volunteer for a donation.

With the start of Black History Month, this is also a great time to celebrate the achievements of Dr. Charles Drew, pioneer in blood transfusions, blood storage and founder of large blood banks (

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #sleevesup

Melissa Bowman
This @HilburnAcademy Hawk got her 1st shot. Thanks @WCPSS for giving us the time to make our students, colleagues &…… at 25.2.2021 14:56
SCORE Academy
One down and one to go! #sleevesup at 25.2.2021 11:57
Iris Gómez
RT @catie_burnette: Pics or it didn’t happen #SleevesUp at 25.2.2021 01:16
Naasira Mohammed
I registered to get my jab💉 #SleevesUp #GetTheVax at 24.2.2021 23:49
Catie Burnette
Pics or it didn’t happen #SleevesUp at 24.2.2021 19:32
Please share! 211 text campaign info in flier to get notified when vaccines are available in English and Spanish.…… at 24.2.2021 18:25
Matt Calabria
Seen today: Teacher standing in line for a vaccine while grading a very large, cumbersome-looking stack of papers a…… at 24.2.2021 17:22
#SleevesUp in Placer County: at 24.2.2021 17:17
Hearn Jay Cho MD, PhD
Another weapon in the battle against COVID-19. Please answer the call when your turn comes!… at 24.2.2021 14:16
Dr. Q
That’s what I’m talking about - a date with destiny #sleevesup… at 24.2.2021 02:49
Dr. Q
Keep it going #SleevesUp… at 24.2.2021 02:47
Woodmoor Elementary Library
RT @TeamWoodmoor: Our PS, PK, & KG-2nd grade @TeamWoodmoor staff returned today and we were so happy to see them, we had to roll out the re… at 23.2.2021 00:12
VAYLA New Orleans
Covid-19 vaccines are in Phase 1B, Tier 1. Eligibility req. have been updated to include more groups! Join the cit…… at 22.2.2021 23:44