Skillz Gaming For Good – Play Games. Give Blood. Save Lives.

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Skillz, the mobile games platform that connects players in fair, fun, and meaningful competition, is teaming with the American Red Cross to ensure a safe and reliable blood supply during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

More than 6,000 blood drives and 200,000 blood donations nationwide have been canceled due to the coronavirus, resulting in a critical shortage in blood supplies.

This weekend (March 28-29), Skillz players will be able to contribute by entering select mobile game tournaments at Proceeds from Skillz will help the American Red Cross provide critical relief services, equip and train volunteers to collect vital blood products, and invest in further blood drive campaigns.

Skillz is also asking our registered players to sign up and donate at their nearest American Red Cross Blood Donation Center. Make a pledge today!

Skillz is transforming the way modern charities and nonprofits engage with its donors, enabling anyone with a mobile device to donate to great causes by playing games.

Play Games. Give Blood. Save Lives.

To enter a Skillz tournament benefiting the American Red Cross, visit and download Bubble Shooter Tournaments, Cube Cube, Dominoes Gold, Strike! Bowling, Solitaire Cube, Block Blitz, Solitaire Tour, Bubble Shooter Arena, 21 Blitz, Spider Solitaire Cube, Pro Pool – Ultimate 8 Ball, Bubble Shooter League, Jewel Blitz, Diamond Strike, Bubble Cube 2, Blackout Blitz, or Big Run Solitaire and look for the “Red Cross COVID19 G4G” event live from March 28-29, 2020. Please note, new events may not immediately appear in-app for following first-time game installations.

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