Shift4Cares Week Remote

5 /100

Calling all Remote Shift4 workers…  This is the second annual Shift4Cares week and we have the opportunity to not only participate but to show out!  On Tuesday October 18th Shift4Cares will be highlighting Health and Human Services.  This virtual Blood Drive is our event and it couldn’t be simpler.

Find a local blood donation center and make a blood product donation of any kind, while making your donation have the phlebotomist snap a picture of you while you are giving, great time to flaunt some Shift4 Swag, and post it to either Twitter or Instagram so we can track them all here.

If you’re like Jesse Ventura and think "You ain’t got time to bleed", think again.  Shift4 has set aside 16 hours of Voluteer Time Off for you to use for just this reason, use it.