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Attention my colleagues! This year for my birthday I am encouraging my friends and family (and yes that includes you) to donate blood with the Red Cross. Our nation is suffering from its worst blood shortage in a decade due to the pandemic. The primary reasons include decreased blood drives at businesses, colleges, high schools, weather related closures, staffing limitations and illnesses. I want to help but I can’t do it alone. That is why I am hosting a February Blood Drive to celebrate my birthday and to help loved ones celebrate more birthdays for those patients in need. Considering our company’s value of Compassion, I would like to share a Provider Operations goal, share some interesting facts and share the love of helping others.

Did you know there are personal benefits for donating blood?
1. Before donating, you receive a mini-physical whereby the pre-exam may turn up something you need to address with your primary care doctor.
2. Donating blood helps reduce cardiovascular risk factors associated with heart attacks and strokes.
3. Donating blood can help reduce the risk of cancer and allows your body to generate new blood cells.
4. Volunteering tends to be psychologically linked to leading healthier, happier and longer lives.

Did you know?
There are rare blood types beyond the major groups A, B, AB, O? Donor diversity to match patient diversity helps lower the risk of complications from transfusions. It is extremely important to increase the number of donors from all ethnic and racial groups to be ready for any circumstances.

In collaboration with the Provider Operation’s DEI Community Outreach team, please join me in this act of kindness towards others.

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