SGE helping 2 Save Lives

The time a donors blood saved my life
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August 4th the year 2000. I gave birth unexpectedly at 7 and 1/2 months. I had an abruption which means that my baby came out of the placenta bag inside of my body. It poisoned my blood and I needed to have a blood transfusion. In the picture on this campaign you can see that my complexion was extremely dark due to the lack of blood that was in my body! I shouldn’t have been out of bed but I wanted to see my baby so I was in I see you visiting my child with no energy in my body! Upon receiving a blood transfusion of two pints of blood, I was able to get back to normal. I am forever grateful to the donor or donors of the blood that I needed to save my life.
This campaign is near and dear to my heart because someone else’s blood save my life. You never know what you’re going to go through in life. Please take a moment to pledge to give blood in your area..