Save a life with the Oak Park Department of Public Health

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The Oak Park Department of Public Health is encouraging as many Oak Parkers as possible to give blood! The American Red Cross is experiencing an emergency blood shortage as the nation faces the lowest number of people giving blood in 20 years. Your blood donation is needed now to help alleviate the shortage and ensure lifesaving medical procedures are not delayed.

Our goal is to collect blood donation pledges from 100 people. Help us reach our goal and help save lives. One blood donation can save up to three lives!

Participating in the Sleeves Up campaign is easy!
1. Click the “Pledge to Give Blood” button on this page.
2. Find a blood drive that fits your schedule and make an appointment.
3. Give blood!
4. Get a swag bag! After you donate, drop by Oak Park Village Hall to pick up your swag.

Encourage others to donate blood, too! Post to social media and use the hashtag #VOPgivesblood!

If you need any assistance, contact the Oak Park Department of Public Health at [email protected] or 708-358-5480.