Save 1 Life You’re a Hero

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Hello everyone, I’m Zaine Newberry a first-semester RN Student at CSI in Twin Falls Idaho. Part of my project in this program is to do a service-learning project on how RNs can help affect the community!!!

I believe a lot in donating blood not only for my health but also being a healthcare worker, being able to give a gift back to the community that is so vital is more than I could ever ask for! I have already donated a half gallon and am on my way to 1 whole gallon of whole blood donated! Part of a portion of my project is my wanting to host an online blood drive as a way of making an impact on the community! As far as this project is focused on, I want your help to donate 5 gallons worth of blood to give back to the people in need and back to the hospitals. I need 40 donations to reach this goal, and you can donate anywhere, that the Red Cross is available! If you want to feel like you have an impact on someone saying, “Save 1 Life You’re a Hero is my,” is my quote. When donating 1 pint of blood can save a life, which makes you a hero. And if you don’t know your blood type the American Red Cross tests it for FREE with your first donation. Help me make that commitment to my goal by donating!