Santiago-Donnelly SleevesUp or Put Up Blood Drive For George

The Santiago Family
2 /200

The picture above going from left to right, is my Brother in Law, George. My Nephew Sean, In the center Is Ashley and Brandon who just got married recently and Patricia but she is Tisha to everyone especially the Donnelly’s) and My Nephew Brandon!!

George is currently in Sloan Kettering in NYC. He is using a lot of blood so please help us get ahead of a possible shortage. Go to your local Red Cross and Donate! If you can’t donate blood please give to the Red Cross whatever you can spare in George’s Name!!! – We understand BD!!

As my Sister In Law said “between the Santiagos and the Donnellys We have an ARMY”
Share this with everyone you know and they know, and on and on – Thank You!

Please Stay Tuned – We have only just begun!!

Thank You –
Love You All!!